Terms & Conditions

The present Terms and Conditions apply to the website dinenation.com (the “Dinenation Website”). You are kindly requested to read the below terms and conditions with care. Should you not wish to be bound by these terms and conditions then you are kindly advised to withdraw access from this Dinenation Website. Accessing this Dinenation Website is deemed to be your acceptance to the below terms and conditions.

Please note that from time to time these terms and conditions may be changed and will be immediately effective once they are posted online. Please ensure to stay informed of any changes. Every time you access the Dinenation Website, you reaffirm your acceptance on the current terms and conditions. If you do not agree with the updated terms and conditions, you are kindly requested to discontinue using this Dinenation Website.


This Agreement is between you and DINENATION LIMITED, a Cyprus limited liability company with registration number HE 388603 (“Dinenation”). This Dinenation Website contains information, data and knowledge such as the brand name, designs, logos, slogans and other designations that Dinenation uses in connection to the provision of its products and services (“Dinenation’s Data”).

Please note that you cannot remove, alter and/ or copy any Dinenation’s Data without Dinenation’s prior written consent. You agree not to incorporate any Dinenation’s Data into your marks, company names, domain names, webDinenation Website s or any other similar designation. Dinenation’s Data and all derived proprietary rights are not to be reproduced or copied without the express written permission of Dinenation. You acknowledge and agree that any use of Dinenation’s Data shall ensure Dinenation’s sole benefit.

We, Dinenation strive to ensure that the information contained in this Dinenation Website is accurate, honest and reliable. However, errors may occur, therefore we strongly advise you to take all necessary steps and verify all information on this Dinenation Website before acting upon it.

To the extent permissible by Cyprus law, Dinenation disclaims any warranty or representation of any kind, express or implied whatsoever relating to this Dinenation Website. From time to time we will be revising the content and resources contained in this Dinenation Website and we reserve the right to do so without any obligation to notify past, present or current users of the Dinenation Website. Dinenation will not be liable for any indirect or incidental damages arising out of the use of the information contained herein.

By entering this Dinenation Website, you acknowledge with the use of this Dinenation Website is at your own risk. To the extent permissible by Cyprus law, Dinenation will not be liable in circumstances including but not limited to negligence for direct, indirect, incidental or consequential or punitive damages, losses, costs or expenses nor for any loss of profit that results from the use of or the inability to use this Dinenation Website or any material on this Dinenation Website  (including but not limited to viruses or other errors or failures in computer transmissions or network communications. Please note that we will not accept any liability in respect of any changes made to the content of this Dinenation Website by unauthorized third parties.

Any products displayed or provided on this Dinenation Website are done so “as is” and “if available” basis and Dinenantion expressly excludes any warranties, conditions, representations or other terms with respect to this Dinenation Website  or the content or products displayed on it, whether express or implied, unless expressly stated to the contrary.

Any software and or a mobile app downloaded is at your own risk. If you are in any doubt,  we recommend that you obtain specialist advice before downloading it. In addition, Dinenation does not implicitly endorse third-party Dinenation Website s hyperlinked to this Dinenation Website hence we will not be responsible for the content of such third-party advertising that may appear on the Dinenation Website nor for the compliance of the same with any laws or regulations.

The Dinenation Website may contain a reference to Dinenation’s clients, brands or names. These companies, brands and names are used herein for identification purposes only and their intellectual property belongs to their respective owners.

The images of the products, designs and graphics displayed on this Dinenation Website is the sole property of Dinenation and any unauthorized use by you of these materials may constitute an infringement of Dinenation’s rights and violate civil or criminal laws, copyright laws and trademarks laws. By visiting the Dinenation Website, you do not acquire the right or license to use or make additional copies of the materials or information displayed on the Dinenation Website.

If you decide to sign-up with this Dinenation Website in order to receive Dinenation’s weekly order notification (“Weekly Order Notification”), you will be asked to provide your email address. By providing your email address you expressly give your consent to the processing of the provided email by Dinenation on a weekly basis for the purpose of the providing of the Weekly Order Notifications. Should you wish to stop receiving the Weekly Order Notifications, please arrange to unsubscribe from the mailing list and/or contact us for the said intention.

These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the Republic of Cyprus and therefore you agree that the Cyprus courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction in any dispute. This Dinenation Website is for the use only by persons who access it from within Cyprus and hence products and services available from this Dinenation Website are available only to residents in Cyprus.



These Product Terms and Conditions (the “TERMS AND CONDITIONS ”) to all orders and contracts for the supply of products (“Products”) that Dinenation provides to customers (“Customers”). All online orders for the Products shall be deemed to an offer by the Customers to purchase the Products in accordance with the TERMS AND CONDITIONS. The acceptance of orders for the Products shall be at the absolute discretion of Dinenation. Our acceptance of an order shall occur when you receive an on-screen message confirming your order has been placed, which at that point, your contract with Dinenation is made.  You may not place any order on our webDinenation Website if you are under 18 years old of age.



  • Unless stated in writing, the prices quoted by Dinenation on the Dinenation Website are inclusive of the service charge and VAT.
  • The price of the Products will be quoted on the Dinenation Website at the time you confirm your order, by clicking the “Order Now” button, which is subject only to any inadvertent technical mistake for which Dinenation will not be held liable. The price for your order shall be deducted from your account at the time your order is placed. We reserve our right to terminate this agreement with you if we are refused authority of payment.
  • You may pay by any of the methods listed in our checkout screen. Please make sure that if your order is placed using a credit or debit card, such card is valid at the time your order is placed.



You may cancel your online order until 14:00pm on the previous day before the delivery of the Products. Please contact us at +35725003350



  • We will aim to provide you with your ordered Products as close as possible to your requested delivery time.
  • The Customer agrees to accept delivery of the Products at the agreed place of delivery.
  • When you place your order for a special occasion or event, we recommend you contact us well in advance in order to be able to accommodate your order. Depending on the size of the event and order, we may have to charge you for the full amount of your order.
  • Special arrangements should be undertaken, should your occasion or event take place on a specific location and/or delivery address which requires special passes for the provision of the Products and our services to you.
  • Products are subject to availability, should you request a specific product that is not available, we may offer you a reasonable alternative of equivalent quality and price or we will inform you accordingly on the matter.
  • Please note that risk in the Products shall pass to the Customer upon the delivery.



The Customer agrees that in the event of conflict relating to the order, the written information about the Products supplied by Dinenation shall prevail over any oral statements made by Dinenation or by any Dinenation employees or agents. Dinenation shall use all reasonable efforts to ensure that its written information about the product is accurate.



  • Dinenation excludes all liability, to the extent permitted by Cyprus law, arising out of the supply of the Products, and in particular Dinenation shall not be responsible for any loss or damage, arising directly or indirectly out of or in connection with delay beyond estimated time, any circumstances which Dinenation had no control of the consequences and which could not avoid by the exercise of reasonable care or any indirect or any indirect or unforeseeable loss suffered or incurred by the Customer or others.



Any contract to which these terms and conditions and TERMS AND CONDITIONS s apply shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Cyprus and Dinenation and the Customer submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Cyprus.